Looking for a Medical Schools in London?

London is a popular place to Study Medicine

Here you will find the information on the best medical colleges in London and what to expect from studying medicine in London.

London has some world famous and well respected hospitals like St. Thomas’, St Bartholomew’s and St George’s. All these hospitals have close relationships with London universities and together they educate many medical students who come to London from all over the world.

Getting in to a Medical School

  • Candidates apply to go to university using the UCAS application process.
  • 3A A-levels grades in science based subjects are the typical requirements to study medicine.
  • Many universities also expect candidates to sit the UKCAT examination.
  • Medical students also have to undergo a criminal records check.

The Best Medical Schools in London

We’ve collated the results from the latest university guides in 2013 to provide you with a list of the best universities to study medicine in London. Our results show that UCL can claim the prise of the Best London to study medicine as it come top in both the Guardian and The Complete universities guides. Here is the full results:

University Guardian 2013 The Complete University Guide 2013 Overall Rating
UCL 4 4 4
Queen Mary 7 8 7.5
Imperial College 11 5 8
King’s College London 16 17 16.5
St George’s Medical School 30 25 27.5

Resources to Help you Study in London

Many students are not prepare for university and therefore either do not complete their education or make the most of their time at university. Download our Free eBookThe University Survival Guide‘ to ensure you make the most of your time at Uni.

Let us know what medical school you rate as the best in London.

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