Study French in London

London is a cosmopolitan capital city attracting people from all over the world. You will often hear French being spoken when you are out and about in London as it has a vibrant French community. In this article you will learn why and where you should study French in London.

French Courses in London

There are lots of different French courses available in London from evening classes, GCSEs, A-Levels to degrees; we will only consider full time degree courses although there are many degree courses that you can take in combination with French. If you are interested in other French courses see your local council’s website for more information.

French is a popular language in the UK and it attracts twice as many applications as any other foreign language. The full time degree courses are normally 3 years in length and you’ll graduate in a bachelors of arts. Entry requirements and fee to study French will vary from university to university but be expected to have 3 good A levels for King’s College and expect to pay £9,000 per year. The newer universities tend to be cheaper and have lower entry requirements than the older traditional universities so take your time to do some research.

The Best French Courses

French is a popular degree course and most London universities will provide French language course. The following universities have been rated as the top London universities for providing French courses:

According to the Times Good University and Complete University Guides in 2013, King’s College was ranked in the top 10 universities in the UK for their French courses.

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