Study Law in London

London is the legal powerhouse of the UK and it is has some great law schools that are respected all over the world. We have the information and the facts that will help you find the best university to study Law in London.

Studying for a Law LLB degree at King’s College London

Law Courses Available in London

A law degree is the 1st step in the process if you want to become a solicitor or barrister, most of the traditional universities offers a degree course in Law. On graduation from a law degree you’ll be able to put the initials LLB after your name. Fully time courses are typically over 3 years.

The Best Law Courses

According to the Good University Guide in 2011 London has 4 universities in the 10 best universities in the UK for their Law courses:

Entry Requirements to Study Law

To study for an undergraduate law degree at the best universities in London the typical the entry requirements are  2 A and 1 A* A-levels results. More information can be found on the individual university’s website.

If you are thinking about studying for a legal degree in London don’t forget to see our guides on:

Let us know if you have studied or are studying law in London, what do you think of your university. Post your comments below.

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