Study Nursing in London

Nursing is a popular degree course with the NHS being one of the biggest employers in the UK. London is home to some of the most famous hospitals in Britain so you can imagine there’s a strong demand to study nursing in London. This guide will provide you with the information and facts to help you choose a nursing course in London.

Nursing Courses Available in London

There are plenty of university in London that provide medical and nursing courses. The following list some of the popular nursing courses in London:

The tuition fees for the courses vary depending upon the university, generally they are around £3,400 per year for EU students however they can be as expensive as £8,300. The standard format for a degree course is generally a 3 year full time BSc courses which is  mixed between classroom and based hospitals training.

Most universities also provide for specialised nursing courses for example specializing in child health nursing, mental health nursing or community nursing to mention a few. Please see the universities’ websites for more information on what specialties the provide.

The Best Nursing Courses

According to the Good University Guide in 2011 the following universities have the best nursing courses in London:

  • Thames Valley
  • King’s College London
  • Kingston/St Georges

Both Thames Valley and King’s College were rated in the top 20 UK universities for nursing.

We have a number of guides to help you prepare for university in London:

Study Nursing in London -Let us know how your thoughts on nursing in the capital, post your comments below.

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