Study Psychology in London

London is a great place to study and we have the information and facts that will help you find the best university to study psychology in London.

People with Psychology degrees tend to be employed in many different industries from coaching sports teams, to healthcare, to marketing to even designing a graphical user interface. This wide variety of jobs help to demonstrating that a degree in psychology is a good grounding for your future career prospects.

 Psychology Courses Available in London

Psychology is a popular university degree and these courses attracts thousands of students each year just in London. London has a good reputation for providing quality psychology courses and has 2 courses that are rated amongst the best in the UK. A fully time course in psychology normally lasts for 3 years and you’ll graduate with a Bachelors in Science (BSc). Look out for degrees that are accredited by British Psychological Society, it will help you when you look for a job after graduation.

The Best Psychology Course

The Good University Guide in 2011 report the following London universities have the best Psychology courses in the UK, with both UCL and the Royal Holloway appearing in the top 10 in the list:

Typical, the entry requirements to study an undergraduate course in these universities are A*AA to ABB A-levels results depending upon the particular university. See our Universities in London page for more information on specific London universities.

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