What is it like living in London as a Student?

London is the Capital city of England and it attracts a huge number of students to study there from not only the UK but from across the World. This article looks at what it is like to living in London as a student.

The City

London being a capital city has something for everyone;

Nightlife – Some of the best student clubs and nightlife can be found in Soho. London is famous for its musicals and shows these can be found in London’s West End. London also hosts many large music festivals in one of its many stadiums. The O2 concert arena is popular with students.

  • History – London is rich in history from Buckingham Palace, to Westminster and Big Ben and Tower of London – see our Visitors guide to London.
  • Culture – London is a cosmopolitan city where you will be able to hear languages and ways of life from all over the World
  • Sports – London hosted the successful 2012 Olympic Games and is home to 6 of the 20 premier league teams.
  • Cuisine – London has many great restaurants and you’ll find something there for everyone’s budget and taste.

The Universities

As a London student you’ll find some of the best universities in the World located in the city. London has around 45 different colleges and universities. UCL are Imperial College London are two universities that are in the top 10 universities in the World according to the QS rankings in 2012.

The Accommodation

London is a friendly place to live and it has a range of student accommodation, here are your main options when considering living arrangements at university:

  • University accommodation and halls – a good way of meeting other students if you are new the area, normally student accommodation is in high demand.
  • Private halls – another option to university accommodation
  • Private shared housing – a good option if you know other students or are looking to save money and integrate into the community

See our student accommodation section for more information on student housing.

Useful Resources

Going to university is big decision download our ebook University Survival Guide’ before you come to study in London and benefit from its tips and advice.

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