The Benefits of Student House Share in London

On this page we list some of the benefits of a student house share in London compared to staying in a university or private hall.

  1. The main reason must be – London is an expensive place to live so any money you can save on accommodation is a bonus. Our research shows that shared accommodation in London can be significantly cheaper than staying in halls at around £150 per week around £50 cheaper than in private halls.
  2. Living in private accommodation will help you to integrate into the local community quicker. This is because your neighbours are not necessary students as you would find if you are living in student accommodation.
  3. Living in a house is a more realistic living environment than staying in halls  for when you finish your studies and leave university.
  4. Living in a shared student house can be a lot quieter, this is particularly important when you are studying for your examinations.
  5. Most universities in London will kick you out of halls after your 1st year so you will have to find shared accommodation.
  6. You can choose who you live with. This is especially important if you already know people who are or will be studying in London.
  7. It allows people from different universities to live together. London is a particular large city with over 40 different universities so it is not always possible to share university accommodation with people from other universities (universities who are part of the University of London do share resources).
  8. Private housing tends to benefit from bigger rooms and a garden compared with student halls.

Lets us know what you think are the benefits of student housing in London over halls.

Where to find the Best Deals on Shared Accommodation in London

For information on the latest deals on shared student accommodation in London see our comprehensive accommodation listings

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