Study Abroad London Tips

Here are our top 10 tips to help people who are thinking of studying abroad in London.

  1. Research the different universities in London to find the most suitable university and course for you.
  2. Not only do you need to research the different universities but you’ll need to see what are the best London universities for a particular course.
  3. Explore London, can you imaging yourself studying and living in London?
  4. See what the student life is like in London. See our section on Student Nightlife in London.
  5. See if what you need to do when applying for a UK Student Visa (required if you are coming from outside the EU to study in London).
  6. If English is your 2nd language are you proficient enough to study in English?
  7. Check out our student accommodation in London section to get a feel for the costs of living in the London.
  8. Have you lived away from you friends and family before are you able to cope with only seeing them during your vacations?
  9. See our International Student’s Checklist that provides you with all the essential information about studying in the UK including culture, religion and food.
  10. Download our free ‘Student Survival Guide‘ eBook as this gives you all the facts you’ll need if your considering studying in London.

If you have any tips that you would recommend to others please let us know what else you would add to our ‘Study Abroad London Tips’. Post your tips below.

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