Brunel University Ranking in 2013 & 2014

Brunel university ranks well with students

Brunel is a popular choice with students

This page contains the latest reviews for  Brunel University rankings both in the UK and also internationally.

We have included the ratings from the Times, Guardian, Telegraph, QS and much more.

UK Rankings

You will see that Brunel University consistently ranks well and is placed in the top half of UK university guides.

  1. The Complete University Guide ranks Brunel University in 44th position in 2014 down from 41st in 2013.
  2. The Times University guide in 2012 ranks Brunel University in 50th position, one down from its 2011 ranking.
  3. The Sunday Time University guide in 2012 places Brunel in 39th position in the UK which is 10 places better than its 49th position in 2011.
  4. The Daily Telegraph’s University Guide ranked Brunel University in 50th position in 2011.
  5. The Guardian’s guide in 2013 ranked Brunel University in 44th place.

World Rankings

Brunel University was rated in 2012/2013 QS World Rankings to be the 331st best university in the world which makes it the 42nd highest ranked university in the UK. This was an improvement from its 351st ranking in the same study in 2011.

The High Education World University Rankings by the Times places Brunel University between 301st and 350th position in its 2012/2013 study.

Brunel University’s Course Rankings

It is also vital that you research the how good the course that your considering performs in  a particular university, as some universities specialise and excel in particular disciplines (for example the Brunel Business school might rank better than it MBA course or vice vera). The following books will provide you with information on Brunel’s courses:

Important Information

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