What are the Top 10 Universities in London 2013?

We’ve pulled together the latest information from the Guardian and the Complete University guides to find out what are the Top 10 Universities in London. So this is what we have found:

Overall Ranking University Guardian  Complete University Guide
1 London School of Economics 3 2
2 UCL 6 8
3 Imperial College 13 4
4 King’s College London 31 18
5 City 21 38
6 SOAS 29 30
7 Royal Holloway 39 26
8 Queen Mary 36 42
9 University of the Arts London 31 48
10 Brunel 44 41

As you can see London School of Economics was ranked by both guides as being the best university in London followed by UCL and Imperial College. All

The only major discrepancies between the two guides are the rankings of City University London and the University of the Arts London this is because the different university guides use different metrics when determine their grading.

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