UCL Union

UCL Union

UCL Students Union

UCL Union (UCLU) is the students union for the University College London. It is located at short walk from Euston Square underground station in the Bloomsbury district of London.

Like all students’ unions the UCL Union’s main focus is to support its students and this includes:

  • Representing its students
  • Providing advice and guidance
  • Support student life through its clubs and societies
  • Provide facilities that make it central to UCL students (such as Bars, Nightclubs and Gyms)

UCL Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) and also the University of London Union (ULU). So it is able to represent students both at a national and local level.


UCL Unions has the following Bars/pubs facilities:

  • Gorden Street Bars (great for a big night out)
  • Richard Mully’s Basement Bar (is UCLU’s new bar that is great for live music)
  • The Huntley (based on a traditional pub)
  • You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks in the ‘Print Room Cafe’.

Along with the bars and pubs the union also has a number of cafes where you can pick up something drink and eat. Gorden’s Cafe and Bloomsbury Cafe are both very popular with UCL students.

UCL Union’s Address

The Union’s address is: 25 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AY

Website Address

UCLU’s website can be found at www.uclu.org

Your Thoughts

If you are a student who is a member of UCL Union let us know what you think of the Union. What is the student nightlife like in Gorden Street Bars? What is the best society in the union? Have UCL Union ever helped you when you needed advice?

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