Places to Study in London

Are you looking for places to study in London? If you are, then you should place the University of London at the top of your list. This university was founded in 1836, and it is regarded as the biggest and most reputable university in the United Kingdom. More than a hundred thousand students have enrolled in its courses, and there are at least forty thousand of long distance students being registered with the University of London. Without a doubt, the University of London is one of the best places to study in London as it is the place where some of the world famous people studied.

London Business School, part of the University of London, is also among other popular locations to study in London. This business school is located at the heart of London City, nearby the Regents Park. You can enroll for MBA courses as well as other degrees specialised in finance and management. London Business School also provides PhD courses to interested students. The university is ranked fourth for the MBA global ranking in the year of 2012. It makes perfect sense why it becomes one of the best places to study in London as the rank was given based on various factors and global standards.

The King’s College London is another greatest place among the top universities to study in London. The college is located off the London Finchley Road, and it is known to be listed as one of the top twenties for global ranking of universities. Since King’s College London is most popular for courses related to healthcare, it has almost 20,000 interested students. Up till now, this college has gifted a huge number of world-class doctors, nurses, dentists and many other types of medical practitioners. Apart from medical courses, King’s College London also provides law and engineering courses, and that’s the reason why this place can be considered as one of the finest universities to study in London.

Choosing places to study and living alone in London during your entire course might expose you to challenging experiences; therefore, learning how to cope in a buzzing city while trying to obtain highest scores for your studies is of utmost importance.

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